Canyoning is the most adventurous activity organized by the Extreme Sports Club SCORPIO , which will take you to a secret world made of stone and fast water, in a very delicate and special environment.

In particular the canyons of Rakitnica and Mostarska Bijela are the most appropriate for this sport. These two canyons propose a completely different and spectacular world.

Fast, rugged water in the Rakitnica Canyon, a narrow canyon which we usually descend in mini rafts, where the Rakitnica river has carved the most bizarre limestone sculptures.

Mostarska Bijela mix of canyoning and speleology: first explored in 2002 by an expedition lead by Edin Durmo, Bijela is a real journey to the centre of the Earth, through water pools and secret waterfalls.

SCORPIO will be your guide to the discovery of these canyons, which are amongst the least explored of Europe.

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